at finale's cropped by av B&WThe Cityzen by Azin luxury fashion and accessories brand incorporates aerial views of cities from around the world on the finest quality of fabrics and leather. This intersection of the human body and the urban landscape fuels the design process. It creates a holistic fashion brand which promotes various points of interest in each city and encourages a global dialogue through the arts with an overarching vision of peace.

Cityzen by Azin was created by Azin Valy, co-founder of the award winning multi-disciplinary Architecture firm, I-Beam Design. Inspired by stunning views of cities from above while doing research for an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, Cityzen by Azin brand was born. Azin’s approach to fashion follows her conceptual and contextual approach to architecture. Form following topography defines each piece allowing a river turning into a strap, a mountain forming a neck line, and a road marking a transition in a garment.

Merging fashion with social entrepreneurship, Cityzen promotes global dialogue by transcending physical and cultural borders. Cityzen believes that the arts can bridge differences, technology reveals beauty, interconnectivity leads to new discoveries, and taking the long view brings our commonality into focus.




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